by Aaron Shelby of Dallas, TX

Carroll Shelby the man, was an entrepreneur, an excellent race car driver, an outstanding automotive designer, and a real showman. Carroll Shelby the icon, was a visionary, talented, persevering individual who used every resource available and did not accept no for an answer.

Tonight, you will hear and see more about the Texas racing legend. In the late 1950s, Shelby was a force to be reckoned with on the international sports car scene. He not only competed against but often won when raced drivers such as Stirling Moss, Masten Gregory, Ken Miles, Dan Gurney, Briggs Cunningham, Jack McAfee and many, many more.

In the 1960s after retiring from driving he became a leader in the automaker design industry creating street cars that were performance based and served a need for the growing sports car market. The legacy of Carroll Shelby lives on today through the many channels he established such as Shelby America, The Carroll Shelby Foundation and Shelby Performance Parts. Carroll’s grandson, Aaron Shelby, will share stories about the East Texas farmer, turned racer, turned icon.