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The 2017 Racers Reunion Banquet was a huge success. With the event date pushed back until November it created an opportunity for more race fans and racers to attend. Our special guest Bobby Unser was in full “race-trim” for the sellout crowd! Unser was rifling off story after story.

Bobby spent one hour sitting down with event host Bart Stevens and the two covered a variety of subjects – from Pikes Peak, to Indianapolis, to his military career, to how he got his start and one of the crowd favorites of how his little brother Al, Johnny Rutherford and a cast of characters took his $50 Desoto and had it crushed into a cube and then delivered back to the garage in Gasoline Alley!

Author and Historian Bob Mays did an excellent job presenting the story of the first 50 years of I.M.C.A. by explaining its origin, sharing some statistics and getting both Johnny Rutherford and Bobby Unser to interject true stories from the road when they traveled the I.M.C.A. circuit. Mays was even able to bring the promoter’s perspective in by having Shane Carson, with Mar-Car, discusses the longtime relationship between Carson’s father, Bub Carson of Oklahoma City and the I.M.C.A. sanctioning body.

The afternoon started off with a real jewel. No one knew how special the roundtable made up of presenter Blake Crosby, legendary engine builder Wayne Calvert, drag racer Vance Hunt, veteran driver J.L. Payne and Randy Calvert would be as they discussed their longtime friend and competitor Bobby Langley. Langley’s son and daughter were in attendance and enjoyed hearing stories about their father they had never heard before.


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