by Cary Agajanian of Los Angeles, CA

J.C. Agajanian’s son, Cary Agajanian,  presented “The Legacy of J.C. Agajanian.” J.C. was a remarkable player in the motor sports world of the 1930’s through the 1980’s, as a car owner and promoter of innumerable races.Image1-40_edited-1

“Aggie”, as he was known to his peers, gained a strong work ethic from his father, who immigrated to the U.S. from Armenia just months before J.C.’s birth. Carrying on the family business, J.C. knew that the refuse and hog-raising trade was not glamorous, but it financed his love of auto racing. A nod to his father’s hard work, J.C.’s sprint car was known as “Agajanian’s Used Food Special,” and the family’s good luck symbol, a pig carrying a flag, has graced the sides of three winning Indianapolis 500 race cars.

J.C. is recognized by most as the best short track promoter that ever lived. He knew how to run and manage a race track. Look no further than Ascot Park to see an example of a single track that changed the way America viewed auto racing.

Cary, J.C. Jr. and Chris Agajanian are part of the racing business to this day, and the family is still involved with the Indy 500, as an entrants or sponsors. The Turkey Night Grand Prix for USAC Midgets has been promoted by the Agajanian family since 1955.