The 2014 Racers Reunion was such a special event that it is hard to put into words. The candid2014-RRB-846 conversations with Emmett Hahn were amazing. Emmett took questions from the group and told some great stories about the Chili Bowl, ASCS circuit and from his driving days.

We did not know that the Racers Reunion was going to be the last time the Blue Max Team would be together with Raymond Beadle. Raymond passed away a short time after the Reunion, making all those stories “Waterbed” Fred Miller shared even more special. I’m glad we were able to get the guys together one more time.


Bill Hill did an excellent job in the afternoon breakout session. Bill who has traveled the world and been involved in racing for many years shared his perspective and about his experiences around the racing world. Bill has a vast knowledge about a variety of motorsports events and personalities.2014-RRB-824

On display was the greatest assortment of race cars ever presented at the Racers Reunion. There was a midget, front engine dragster, sprint, champ, stock car, funny car, altered, modified, super modified and go karts. Each beautiful car had a story to tell. Many thanks to the vehicle owners for towing their top notch racing machines from near and far.

2014-RRB-200Crowd favorites again this year were the autograph session and the Silent Auction, allowing guests to leave with racing memorabilia, one-of-a-kind art and plenty of autographed souvenirs.