2013-RRB-350The 2013 Racers Reunion Banquet was a super evening with all four Journeymen being featured in attendance. We heard first-hand, personal racing stories from Gordon Woolley in the afternoon breakout session. Bill White was there with his trademark smile and lovely wife. Jim McElreath looked great and got there just in time for the autograph session. We were mesmerized by the story teller, Buddy Cagle. Buddy shared funny stories, informative stories and very personal stories he had never told before. What a special group of rugged, passionate, talented men.2013-RRB-625

2013-RRB-200An exceptional afternoon breakout session detailing the life and times of Chet Wilson and his Offy Killer sprint car entertained folks with anecdotes, photos and Q&A with former driver Gordon Woolley. Chet’s daughter, Donna Wilson, his son, Jerry Wilson and special guest Bob Mays did an excellent job bringing the awesome story to life.

The highlight for many at the Reunion was the six Kurtis-Kraft race cars that were on display. We had an assortment that included some very rare race cars. There was a sprint, a couple midgets, 500S, 500KK and a Sports Car. All were beautiful restored races cars.2013-RRB-110With the Kurtis-Kraft cars on display and the stage that resembled Frank Kurtis’ garage his son, Arlen, felt right at home. After the heartfelt, personal presentation by Ed Justice, Jr. about Frank Kurtis and his legacy Arlen was touched as he addressed the group of over 180.