by Dave Argabright of Noblesville, IN

His name is well-known in auto racing circles, as Mike Curb has been associated with hundreds of racing wins in a wide variety of series as a car owner or sponsor over the past four decades. With experience that ranges from the Indianapolis 500 to road racing to American short track racing, Curb’s experience includes success with dozens of America’s legendary racers.


Curb has also played an enormous role in the music business as a songwriter, recording artist, and music executive. He was active in political circles and served as Lieutenant Governor of California from 1979 to 1983.


Racing, music, politics…all continue to be a central part of the American culture, and all are of great topical interest. Amid a constantly changing landscape, all continue to be shaped by various forces. Mike Curb has a unique voice today, as his viewpoint has been honed from 50 years of success on a wide array of American endeavors.


Curb’s efforts have literally shaped the music you hear and the racing you love. He brings a lifetime of unique and interesting experiences, and he tells his story as only he can.