2011 Racers Reunion Banquet

2011 Racers Reunion Banquet driversThe 2011 Racers Reunion was a night to be remembered! Bench Racing started in the afternoon with a large group in the new spacious location. Vintage race cars and dozens of scrap books kept everyone engaged for hours. Then our Master of Ceremony, Johnny Rutherford, delighted the crowd with personal stories and explained how he had just flow in from Indianapolis.

Johnny Rutherford

Doris Schindler accepted the Parsons Performance Award for her unending support of the racing community. Some know Doris as the daughter of one of the best drives to ever live, Bill Schindler, but other know her as the one who calls and sends cards on special occasions. Doris also wrote a monthly article for The Alternate for years.

The State Fair of Texas’ Fair Park was the topic of Bill Blaylock’s presentation on Forgotten Racetracks. Fair Park has hosted everything from jalopies to midgets to Formula One. Bill also highlighted other tracks from around the Region.

Bill JonesGalen Kurth highlighted the life and career of Bill Jones. He spoke about Jones’ trail from a rural Oklahoma speed shop to Indy crew chief. Bill and his son Bob Jones are well respected and known as a prominent influence in the Porsche dealership & restoration business.

The evening wrapped up with Donald Davidson, the official historian for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, sharing stories about the Centennial Celebration of the Indianapolis 500, which first ran in 1911. Mr. Davidson who is a natural storyteller amazed the crowd with facts and figures.

2011 Racers Reunion Banquet cars on display

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