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Men Who Changed Racing

The 9th Annual Racers Reunion Banquet was a unique event full of racing stories of unbelievable successes and tales of men who have made a lasting mark on the racing scene. The program covered racing from its infancy through modern success on and off the track. The day featured men who built cars, who promoted races and men who owned teams and fueled success by providing much needed sponsorship. The 2018 Racers Reunion Banquet salutes the Men Who Changed Racing.


If you have watched racing in the last 30 years you have seen or heard about Mike Curb. Maybe it was through his sponsorship with Curb Records, maybe it was with his team ownership with Curb/Agajanian. Maybe you remember Mike Curb arranging for President Ronald Reagan to attend the 1984 Daytona 500 where Richard Petty won his record-setting 200th victory in a Mike Curb-owned car. Or perhaps it was his association with World of Outlaw Champion Donny Schatz or the Daytona Rolex 24 Hours. Chances are you have witnessed his drivers, his teams or the fruit of his sponsorships at countless tracks across the U.S.


Harry Miller was born in rural Wisconsin very shortly after the Civil War. Miller is regarded by many as the father of American race cars and engines. While Henry Ford was mass producing the Model T, Miller and his team were hand-building works of art which could reach unheard of speeds on the race tracks. The story of Miller’s rise to the pinnacle of motorsports is a colorful and fascinating story. Recounting his story will include his brief entry as a riding mechanic, boats, superchargers, lots of trial and error and his trusted right-hand man Leo Goossen. After purchasing the business from Miller during The Great Depression, Fred Offenhauser manufactured the dream of every driver, the Offy engine. Miller and Offenhauser powered race cars have a long history of performance and running at the front of the pack.


Everything about Sam Nunis is over-sized, often over stated and usually over the top. Nunis promoted over 2,000 races in his career, which started in the 1920s. He started out on the fair circuit under Ralph Hankinson, who was known for creating showbiz on the race tracks. Nunis took this carnival mentality and added class and prestigious to everything he did, ultimately finding a steady home at Trenton Speedway. Although known as “Slippery Sam” to most that moniker can be misleading because if you quizzed the drivers, most would say Sam paid as promised and did what he said he was going to do, even if it was over the top! Sam Nunis changed racing.

The Racers Reunion Banquet, which is held annually in Irving, Texas, includes an afternoon guest speaker, autograph session, dinner and special feature presentations, along with an afternoon of bench racing with old and new friends amongst a display of vintage race cars and memorabilia!

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“This race season will bring a number of interesting events and issues to all of us in Motor Racing. The Racers Reunion Banquet will bring us all back together to discuss those events, but more importantly the great events of the past can be relived forever which makes the get-together so important and enjoyable.”

  • Cary Agajanian – Famed motorsports attorney, promoter of legendary Ascot Speedway along with the annual Turkey Night Grand Prix. Race car team owner, sponsor and top level sports management representing professional race car drivers.

Mission: To celebrate the history of American auto racing by honoring the people, places and cars that made it great. This is accomplished by historians giving in-depth, detailed presentations, drivers participating in question & answer sessions, and fellow drivers and owners highlighting engaging stories.

“The Racers Reunion Banquet is held each fall toward the conclusion of the race season, and is a great place for friends of all types of racing to gather and get caught up before winter sets in. The great speakers, guests, and assortment of race cars on display, makes this a fun-filled (and educational) afternoon and evening in North Texas.”

  • Bob Baker – Executive Director, National Sprint Car                                                       Hall of Fame & Museum, Knoxville, Iowa